Detection sensitivity of the ECL-substrate Lumixx® by biostep®

  May 2015   C. Schöne und P. Altenhofer   biostep, Application Note Nr. 6

Introduction Western Blotting is an established method for the identification and quantification of special proteins. However, it is sometimes necessary to detect very low amounts of a certain protein surely. Therefore, the detection sensitivity of an ECL–substrate (ECL = Enhanced Chemiluminescence) is an important selection criterion. Material and methods Instrument: Celvin® S 320 + Proteins […]

Intensity improvement of chemiluminescent signals by binning using the CL imager Celvin® S by biostep®

  May 2015   C. Schöne und P. Altenhofer   biostep, Application Note No. 7

Introduction The specific detection of single proteins by Western blot is a standard method in many laboratories. This application is extra sensitive for detection of the proteins requested by means of a luminol-based substrate whose enzymatically transformation causes a chemiluminescent reaction. Here light (photons9 is emitted in the visible range without heat development. For imaging […]

The use of colorimetrically stained marker proteins in Western blots and detection with chemiluminescence imager Celvin® S

  May 2015   C. Schöne und P. Altenhofer   biostep, Application Note No. 8

Introduction Western blotting is a specific detection method for lowest quantities of a target protein. Specific antibodies bind only at that protein which functions as antigen. The antibodies can be coupled with an enzyme that catalyses the transformation of a detection reagent which leads to a chemiluminescence (chemoluminescence, CL) reaction. This means the emission of […]

Light intense Western blots for Chemiluminescence Imager Celvin® S by biostep®

  May 2015   C. Schöne und P. Altenhofer   biostep, Application Note No. 9

Introduction For adjustment of the own imaging system or for testing variations in the blotting procedure it is recommended to use an uncomplicated Western blot-kit primarily. In this application note, we give you a tested and proven instruction how to get great Western blots for detection with chemiluminescence (chemoluminescence= CL) imager Celvin® S by biostep®. […]

Film- or camera-based chemiluminescence blot detection? The comparison calculator shows possible savings.

  May 2015   P. Altenhofer   biostep, Application Note No. 10

Introduction In Western, Northern and Southern blots, it is possible to detect a target molecule by chemiluminescence reaction. For detection, the user has the choice between the classical film-based method or the application of modern camera-based systems. biostep® offers a new chemiluminescence (chemoluminescence, CL) detection system for blots, Macroarrays, microtiter plates and bioluminescent thinlayer chromatographic […]

Neurotoxocarosis alters myelin protein gene transcription and expression

  March 2015   Lea Heuer, Martin Beyerbach, Fred Lühder, Andreas Beineke, Christina Strube   Springer, Parasitology Research, June 2015, Volume 114, Issue 6, pp 2175-2186

Abstract Neurotoxocarosis is an infection of the central nervous system caused by migrating larvae of the common dog and cat roundworms (Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati), which are zoonotic agents. As these parasites are prevalent worldwide and neuropathological and molecular investigations on neurotoxocarosis are scare, this study aims to characterise nerve fibre demyelination associated with […]

Two-dimensional thin-layer chromatography of polyaromatic hydrocarbons measured by absorption, fluorescence, and chemiluminescence

  November 2014   Bernd Spangenberg   Journal of Planar Chromatography 28 (2015) 2, 139–143

Abstract A 2D-separation of 16 polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) according to the Environmental Protecting Agency (EPA) standard was introduced. Separation took place on a TLC RP-18 plate (Merck, 1.05559). In the first direction, the plate was developed twice using n-pentane at −20°C as the mobile phase. The mixture acetonitrile-methanol-acetone-water (12:8:3:3, v/v) was used for developing the […]