Operating software SnapAndGo for Celvin® S

The operating software SnapAndGo developed by biostep® is especially designed for the quick and complete working with Celvin® S. It is intuitive and you can create and save as many methods as required. You have the choice between different imaging scenarios:

Free Capture Mode for acquisition a blot with freely adjustable settings: Not GxP-conform, because there is no possibility for adding marker proteins. The raw data cannot be changed.
GxP Capture Mode for multiple acquisition: First acquisition of the blot, followed by the marker proteins with final overlay of the images (GxP-conform).
Serienaufnahme for acquisition image series and image addition with software integration

Menu items and selection of modes

The workflow is organized like a wizard.

The software enables a one-hand operation at the unit. First set all parameters for measurement at PC (e. g. single image, image addition, binning, exposure time), then put your gloves and lay the blot in the substrate solution on the glass plate. If necessary seal with plastic wrap and close the lid. Simply by pressing the touch-screen you can start the measurement without losing time by pulling off the gloves. As soon as the measurement starts, the safety locking of the lid will be activated.

Your images will be saved as tiff-file and fit perfectly for the analysis software. Even at this point biostep® can help you. For the complete analysis of your 1D-images (with quantification, hRf values and molecular weight calculation), we recommend the automated software TotalLab Quant or the professional software Phoretix 1D incl. dendrogram generation.