EagleIce camera

EagleIce® camera

Now, let’s look at the core of the Celvin® S: The EagleIce® camera (Figure). This 16bit CCD camera is a new development of biostep®. It has a double Peltier cooling that enables the detector chip to be cooled 40°C below ambient temperature (dT = -40°C). Therefore, virtually all background noise is avoided. But that’s not all: The camera is available in different settings just to meet your needs. You can choose between four different detector chips:

  • 1,6 Mpixel FullFrame (Celvin® S 160+)
  • 3,2 Mpixel FullFrame (Celvin® S 320+)
  • 4,2 Mpixel Interline (Celvin® S 420)
  • 8,3 Mpixel FullFrame (Celvin® S 830)

With these chips, Celvin® S 160 and 320 are highly sensitive for weakly luminescent samples, whereas Celvin® S 830 has a brilliant resolution. The Celvin® S 420 is an ideal compromise between sensitivity and resolution and therefore a real all-rounder.


The cooled EagleIce® camera